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GT&C/Participation and Remuneration Agreement

Scope and subject of agreement

1.1 With order or statement of participation and indication of data to be published via the service portal ""  and exclusively with acceptance of this GT&C/Participation and Remuneration Agreement between the orderer/participant and the EURON EURO-NETWORK EWIV, respectively the denotedEURON agency, hereafter called EURON, concludes a legally binding agreement with subject of the herein or within the order denoted services.

1.2 The participant data with product offers, telephone, facsimile number, homepage link, and e-mail, as well as contact persons, specialisation or special offers etc. are stated and have to be saved to the EURON database, and have to be published as Premium Entry at the European service portal “”.

1.3 The participant takes part with the stated product offers in the Premium Entry at the online inquiry and inquiry submission/client acquisition service. Therefore, and with European wide participation, his product statements will be allocated to an EU product code (ID with 10 language product ID*) for European wide inquiries. These product offers can be called from all country portals, language independent. 1.4 The participant receives via e-mail all national, respectively European wide inquiries/requests from potential clients as far as they relate to the products and services listed under the Premium Entry.

1.5 All inquiries and requests are exclusively dedicated to the relevant participant and have to be treated confidentially. Misusage (unauthorised relinquishment etc.) entitles EURON to terminate the participation immediately.

1.6 For short-term special actions/offers, the participant can publish an advertisement in the portal. The product statement of this advertisement will be linked to the search entry field, and it appears within the search results. For this case, apply separate conditions.

2. After publishing or change of data at the service portal, the participant receives a confirmation of execution with a printout of all data published within the portal, and at European wide participation, with the allocated EU product code*. These data have to be verified by the participant immediately. Amendments or changes have to be reported immediately and in writing to EURON (if applicable, by facsimile or e-mail).

3. Duration / Cancellation

The Premium Entry publication order as well as the participation in online inquiry and request submission service applies initially for the duration denoted in the order. This duration extends automatically by one year if not four weeks before the participation year has lapsed; the orderer submits a written cancellation to EURON.

4. Compensation agreements

4.1 For submitting the company data to the EURON database, for the arrangement of the Premium Entry and its linkage to the service portal, EURON invoices a one-time admission and installation fee respectively 195 € for European wide participation including the creation of product data and the relevant 10 language EU product code.

4.2 For publishing the company data according to the GT&C, paragraph 1.2. as Premium Entry at the service portal, including the participation in the national online inquiry and request submission service, EURON invoices  an annual premium of 480 €, and for European wide participation in the online inquiry submission service, 96 € additionally per installed EU product code.

5. Data protection / liability

5.1 The participant data stored in the database will only be relinquished to third parties as far as there is a legitimate right. Data that require protection are untouched. EURON will never relinquish participant data for commercial uses.

5.2 EURON is not liable for possibly erroneously stored or outdated data. Such data entitle exclusively to amendments at no costs, but they shall never serve as basis for claims whatsoever.

5.3 EURON will not be responsible or liable for contend of linked offers contained in the applications sent by users via online request pages.

5.4 At interruption of online services, especially at faults of public networks, possible server failure, respectively server maintenance or software adjustment work, EURON will not assume any liability. Such cases do not entitle the participant to retain due payments or to reduce compensation.

6. Supplementary provisions

6.1 The participation premiums are levied with annual invoice and become due within 10 days of invoice date.

6.2 At termination or premature cancellation of participation, based on reasonable grounds, EURON is entitled to one annual premium according to the scope of services ordered.

6.3 If one or several regulations of this agreement shall become invalid, then the remaining regulations remain valid. Invalid regulations have to be replaced with valid regulations that reflect the sense of this agreement.

6.4 Amendments to the GT&C/Participation and Remuneration Agreement conditions or compensation rates will be disclosed to the participants in writing (if applicable also by facsimile or e-mail). If the participant does not protest against such amendments within two weeks from the date of disclosure, then it is deemed that the amendment was irrevocably accepted. Therewith, all prior GT&C/Participation and Remuneration Agreement conditions and compensation rates become null and void.

7. If nothing else is agreed, then the location of EURON applies as place of execution.

* The translation of the participant’s product data and therewith the allocation to the relevant EU product code can only be conducted as far as the relevant product description matches the CPV product database, respectively, as it can be found in relevant dictionaries.